Offering you a partial or complete installation service whether it is a standard roll or a specialist wallcovering or mural, from the initial consultation, taking wall measurements, liaising with wallpaper manufacturers and Retailers, to the final installation ensuring you have the end result and effect that you desire.

Examples of some of the types of wallcoverings we have hung are:- Grass-papers and Cloths, Wood Inlay, Silks, Flocks and Foils, Hand-prints/Hand Painted, Extra Wides, Metallic Leaf Papers, Paper Backed Fabric, Embroidered Panels, Digitally Printed Murals, Bamboo Woodpapers.

Reasons to Use Lining Paper (Blankstock) when Installing Wallcoverings

The majority of people are unaware of all of the benefits of using a lining paper when hanging wallpaper – when paperhangers push to have a liner installed its not because they are trying to pad the bill, its the only way to fully guarantee the job against a wallpaper failure beyond their control.  The majority of wallpaper manufacturers call for it in their hanging instructions and will not warranty their product if it is not used. These are several reasons why lining paper should be used and why we only guarantee our work if lining paper is installed:-

Smooth finish – The most common reason for using a lining paper is to smooth out the wall. This is important in order to get a good flat finish on your walls. A thin lining paper can be used to disguise any hairline cracks in the wall’s plastering whilst thicker grade lining papers can be used to help cover pitting and more noticeable plastering imperfections.

Reducing Shrinkage – Some wallpapers, especially woven ones, tend to expand when wet and shrink when dry. This can leave gaps between sheets of wallpaper even if you have taken every care not to let this happen whilst hanging the paper. By using lining paper you are actually helping with the drying process which in turn holds the wallpaper in its expanded shape as required for a better looking finish.

Reducing Staining – There are two ways in which staining might occur to your wallpaper. Firstly substances on the wall itself might leach into the wallpaper once hung and cause staining. The use of lining paper eliminates this risk as the wallpaper itself is not in direct contact with the wall. Secondly when paste is applied to some wallpaper the added moisture can cause colours to bleed or run. As lining paper speeds up the drying process it can help to reduce this issue.

Durability – Pulp papers expand when wet and exert a shrink tension on the wall as they dry. If they are hung on a wall that has a layer of cheap paint on it (or even a wall with a bad coat of paint several layers beneath the current one) the tension can slowly pull the bad layer off and pop the seams. Lining paper acts as a surface strengthener since the pulp paper on top bonds to the lining paper below to form an extremely strong lamination. Therefore by using lining paper your wallpaper will have increased durability and is much more likely to stay in place.

Insulation – Every layer of paper you apply to the walls of your home creates an extra layer of insulation. The trapped air in between the lining paper and the wall and subsequently the lining paper and the wallpaper will help to trap air – keeping your home warmer and saving you energy.



In 2014 we were delighted to pass the Which? Trusted Trader rigorous assessment process and have subsequently passed our re-assessments for 2015 and 2016.

John Green is a Fellow of the Dulux Select Decorators Scheme which demonstrates 10 years continuous membership and assessment.


Free Consultations and Estimates

We offer a free no obligation estimate – if you would like an estimate (which will typically require a site or house visit) either contact us on 0800 7831916 or complete the request an estimate form.

We are happy to give you a ballpark figure / estimate via email, if you provide us with photos and measurements. If you are happy with this, we will then come and do a site survey.

Our decorating work is 90% dust free because we use the latest mechanical sanders fitted to dust extractors.

Dulux and Which? approved

We are Dulux Select Decorators, Trust Mark registered, and members of the Which? Trusted Traders Scheme to give you that extra peace of mind.

Dulux Select Decorators Scheme

Dulux Select Decorators are independent decorators who have been assessed and accredited as a scheme member by Dulux. Members offer a two year quality workmanship guarantee including deposit protection (Guarantee activation is required and terms and conditions apply).

The essential Information:-


  • Dulux Approved Decorators will be courteous and honest and give you only the best advice on any aspect of painting and decorating.
  • All Dulux approved decorators carry comprehensive insurance cover, including public liability.
  • Work is to a high standard using only the very best products within the AkzoNobel brand portfolio: Dulux Trade, Sikkens, Armstead Trade, Polycell Trade, Cuprinol and Hammerite.
  • If the work undertaken does not qualify for a 2 year guarantee we will advise you accordingly.
  • Care and due attention is given to preparatory work required for surface and/or materials to be painted or covered.
  • Adequate protection is provided for surfaces that are not to be painted and furniture and furnishings
  • The customer’s home or premises are left clean and tidy
  • Quotations will be given in writing
  • Terms of payment are made clear

Deposits are protected under the Dulux Guarantee
When requested deposits will not exceed 25% of the job value to a maximum of £3,000

Choosing your colours
Many of our approved decorators can also help you to choose colours and colour schemes for your home. If the shade you want isn’t available, give your decorator a sample and they can have it mixed to the colour you want.

The Which? Trusted Trader Code of Conduct
As a Which Trusted Trader, our business has been through a rigorous application process so you can be confident you are hiring a reputable trader.
This is what you can expect from us, we will:

  • only undertake that we are competent to do
  • provide you with a clear breakdown of how much the job will cost you before any commitment is made to you.
  • discuss all the options available to help provide you with a tailored solution
  • endeavour to stick to timeline and costs agreed by both parties
  • provide you with an updated quote should you require any changes to the initial agreement
  • be open and approachable should you have any queries
  • Treat your property with respect and clean up as we go along.


Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted Trader we use Ombudsman Services Ltd for dispute resolution.  In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact Which? Trusted Traders in the first instance on 01179812929.