Specialist Wallpaper Hangers is an Advanced Level Installer and an online partner of Lincrusta and therefore you can purchase any Lincrusta product from us – we have a comprehensive catalogue including samples for you to borrow and browse through.

Create your own Unique Statement

Distinctive and defining there is no other wallcovering quite as unique or luxurious as Lincrusta. It is used in some of the most prestigious buildings and locations around the world since its invention in 1877. It is unique in the home and commercial decorations markets – there’s simply nothing quite like it – classic or cutting edge you can achieve a stunning and truly unique look with Lincrusta.

It is a perfect solution for today’s interior designers, specifiers and architects as it offers innovative solutions for any design application. Whether you’re recreating traditional splendour or wanting to make a contemporary statement or even a fusion of both styles, Lincrusta can be used in any kind of interior design application. Modern and contemporary or uncompromisingly classical the unique depth of the embossed wallcoverings allows them to be decorated using a variety of different paint effects and colour combinations.  You could choose a flat neutral scheme or or opt for a contrasting metallic colour to add a luminous edge.  The options really are limitless.

Lincrusta was launched in 1877 to instant success in a host of applications from royal homes to railway carriages. Heralded as the first washable wallcovering, it appealed to Victorians because of its sanitary properties as well as its durability and ornate effects.

Originally manufactured at Sunbury-on-Thames production soon moved to Lancashire in 1918. Even today they still use many of the original rollers to emboss their distinctive designs and make their products using many of the same natural materials as they always have. Each roll is individually inspected and dated to ensure that the finished product is nothing less than perfect. .

In any room Lincrusta catches the eye and the imagination like nothing else. From classic country residences to the modern urban living spaces the incomparable range of wallcoverings, friezes, dado panels and borders evokes a sense of inimitable sumptuousness and style.

Lincrusta is unequalled for its combination of classical grandeur and exceptional durability. No other wallcovering has a deeper emboss or offers such timeless beauty and elegance.

The designs are inspired by many sources, including classical architecture from ancient Greece and Rome, the beauty of nature, and key periods in history from the Renaissance to the Edwardian era. And with the influence of more modern influenced designs the collection offers an outstanding range of choice.

From larger bolder patterns to finer more delicate details you’ll find the perfect design for you and your space whether you’re looking to achieve a traditional style or something more contemporary. As well as wallcoverings their collection also includes a selection of friezes, borders, and dado panels allowing you to bring the beauty of Lincrusta to even more areas.

All Lincrusta products are now fire rated Class B, s2-d0 under BS EN15102:2007 and Class 1/AUS ASTM-E84.

Click on this link for an electronic copy of the latest Lincrusta Brochure. lincrusta-brochure-october-2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Lincrusta?

Specialist Wallpaper Hangers (by John Green Décor Ltd) is an online partner of Lincrusta and therefore it can be purchased from us – we have a comprehensive catalogue including samples for you to borrow and browse through.  Book a free consultation with us and we will come and discuss your specific project and offer guidance if required.

Is Lincrusta easy to install?

Lincrusta is a specialist wallcovering product. There are some specific techniques required, so whilst it is possible to install it yourself we recommend using a specialist installer to ensure a first class finish. All installers undertake training with Lincrustas’ Training Team before they are recommended as one of their accredited installers.  John Green Décor is accredited as an Advanced Level Installer.

What wall preparation is required?

Thorough preparation of the surface is essential when hanging Lincrusta. Remove old wallpaper, wash down, fill all imperfections and allow to dry. Rub down before applying a coat of size. We recommend cross-lining all non-porous surfaces (eg. solvent-painted walls) to give perfect adhesion. Apply lining paper using a ready-mixed adhesive containing a fungicide. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying Lincrusta.

I have newly plastered walls – do I need to cross-line them?

When applying Lincrusta to newly plastered walls, it is not necessary to cross-line the wall. Allow the plaster to dry thoroughly, then scrape, rub down and fill any imperfections. Apply 2 coats of size and allow to dry before applying Lincrusta to the surface following manufacturer’s instructions.

Does Lincrusta need trimming?

Lincrusta wallcoverings, friezes and dado panels are supplied with a selvedge to protect the product during shipping. To remove the selvedge use a sharp knife and metal straight edge. Lincrusta borders RD1639, RD1640 and RD1953 are supplied ready trimmed.

What adhesive should I use?

We recommend only using our own specially formulated Lincrusta adhesive when applying Lincrusta. This is available in both 1 litre and 5 litre sizes.